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BEAUTY GLAZED Liquid Lipstick Set Colours

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BEAUTY GLAZED Liquid Lipstick Set

$28.95 Sale price

This is the craziest deal we have ever had! 6 BEAUTY GLAZED Lipsticks, ONLY 18.95$!!!

Exit the comfort zone and try something different and unique, get the most of your time spent on make-up with our BEAUTY GLAZED lipsticks, they are perfect for any make-up enthusiast, beginner or professional. 

Crack the box open and you will find 6 lipsticks of different colours, each one of them made for a special occasion. Once applied prepare to get amazed by the Matte Velvet finish which is long-lasting as well, so don't worry about it fading out. Once in the wild, its waterproofness will take care of your gorgeous lips while moisturising and nourishing them.

So ... STOP WAITING, LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE at this SPECIAL price, once SOLD OUT the price will increase! Get yours now for ONLY 18.95$.

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